Application range of Concrete Expansive Mortar

- Apr 10, 2018-

Underground buildings: such as subways, underground parking lots, underground warehouses, tunnels, mines, civil defense projects, foundation pits, etc.;

Pools, swimming pools, water towers, storage tanks, large containers, granaries, oil tanks, caves, etc.

High-strength highway pavements, concrete bridge decks, culverts, etc.

Prefabricated components, anchorages of frame structure joints, pipe joints, grouting material of post-prefabricated prefabricated components, backfilling of post-seam joints, magmatic grouting materials;

Cement products: self-stressing, prestressing and prestressed concrete pipes, slabs, columns, columns and columns, waterproof roofing panels, etc.;

Non-shrinkage and infusion between the anchor bolts of machinery and equipment and the foundation of the machine;

Cast iron pipe, steel pipe lined with protective mortar;

Self-waterproof rigid roof, mortar impervious layer, mortar moisture barrier, etc.;

Stadium stands, city sculptures, museums, hotels, etc.