Composition of Mixed mortar

- May 01, 2018-

Mixed mortar is generally made of cement, lime paste, and sand, and is generally used for masonry above the ground. Due to the addition of lime paste, the mixed mortar improves the workability of the mortar and is convenient to operate, which is beneficial to the improvement of the density and work efficiency of the masonry.

In the construction process, mortar king is used instead of white ash to add cement mortar, so the mixed mortar can also be called cement mortar with mortar king. However, with the increase in engineering practice experience, in actual work, it was found that although the cost of using the mixed mortar of the mortar king had saved the cost, the lack of masonry strength found that, especially for some brick-concrete structures, it affected the masses of the people. Life safety. All localities have issued relevant local requirements and are strictly prohibited in general construction.

However, the advantages of the mortar king are obvious, so many material workers are also tirelessly committed to this research. Special effect mortar king, can replace 1 lime instead of 1000. One ton of this product can replace one thousand tons of lime. Mixing each bag of cement mortar only need to put this product 50 grams (one thousandth of the amount of cement). It can save a lot of construction funds for the construction unit. This product is mainly used for the construction of masonry and plastering works in construction projects. This product improves the workability of the mortar and improves its strength. Impermeability. Eliminate lime or lime cream, reduce construction costs, improve labor environment and other characteristics. And environmental protection is a new type of green building materials. Therefore, it can be seen that because of the environmental protection, mortar king will gradually replace the mixed mortar mixed with white ash.