Dry mortar production line quality is the basis of service is guaranteed

- Oct 19, 2017-

Dry mortar production line design of the primary consideration is customer-oriented, customer investment budget, the existing site area, location of the city, the surrounding market demand, capacity estimates, weather characteristics, material conditions and so on. These are directly related to the customer dry mix mortar production line put into operation after the operation.

The production line is composed of many equipment, according to the actual needs of customers, choose how much material warehouse, pre-mixed warehouse, mixer, intermediate connector conveyor and so on how to arrange the scientific situation according to the venue to ensure efficient production and cost savings. According to the customer around the material needs of gravel preparation machinery, whether the need for sand dryer, packaging machine selection, automatic control system protection and so on. Need to consider many of the details of the factors, choose a rich experience of the manufacturers is particularly important.