Knowledge of Mortar

- Apr 23, 2018-

Inorganic cementitious materials are mixed with fine aggregates and water in proportions, also called mortar. It is used for masonry and plastering works and can be divided into masonry mortar and plastering mortar. The former is used for masonry of bricks, stones, blocks, etc. and component installation; the latter is used for wall surfaces, floors, roofs and beams. Column surface structure such as plastering, to achieve protection and decoration requirements. Ordinary mortar materials also use gypsum, lime paste or clay with fibrous reinforcement material added with water and formulated into a paste called ash, paste, mud or cement. Commonly used hemp knife ash (lime paste mixed with hemp knife), paper reinforced ash (lime paste mixed with paper ribs), gypsum ash (incorporated lime plaster and paper rib or glass fiber, etc. in plaster of plaster) and Stucco (with a small amount of lime mixed with straw or straw)