Mixed mortar, ordinary cement mortar, white mortar difference?

- Apr 20, 2018-

Add cement to the sand called "cement mortar." Cement mortar is made by mixing and stirring cement and sand at a certain ratio. It can be used to prepare mortar with higher strength. Cement mortar is generally used in foundations, long-term water-soaked basements, and masonry that withstands large external forces.

Add lime (paste) called "white mortar" or "lime mortar." Lime mortar is a mortar made by stirring lime paste and sand in a certain proportion, and it is entirely based on the hard gas of lime to obtain strength.

Add cement, add white ash, called "mixed mortar."

Mixed mortar is generally made of cement, lime paste, and sand, and is generally used for masonry above the ground. Due to the addition of lime paste, the mixed mortar improves the workability of the mortar and is convenient to operate, which is beneficial to the improvement of the density and work efficiency of the masonry.