Polycarboxylate Water Reducer Defoamer Solve Concrete Foam Problems

- Apr 01, 2018-

Concrete refers to the collective name of an engineering composite material in which aggregate is cemented into a whole by a cementitious material. It is widely used in civil engineering. Polycarboxylate water reducer in the addition of concrete, all need to undergo a strong stirring polymerization, will produce more foam in the process of mixing, and it is difficult to eliminate, affecting the density and quality of concrete. At this time, it is necessary to add a polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent defoamer to solve the foam problem of the water-reducing agent and improve the quality of the concrete. Then, what matters should be paid attention to when using defoamers in concrete?

1 When polycarboxylate water reducer is used in the production of concrete, the addition of polycarboxylic acid water reducer defoamer will reduce the gas content of polycarboxylic acid water reducer. The concrete slurry will be sticky at this time. Add some air-entraining agent after defoamer.

2 Defoamers have good compatibility with water and other surfactants, and have excellent dispersion performance. However, long-term placement is prone to segregation. Therefore, it is recommended that when defoamers are used, do not place too much. Mixing can be continued for a long time or during a period of time without separation.

3 Because the polycarboxylic acid water reducer added to the production process will also add a variety of surfactants contain a certain degree of alkalinity, so the proposed defoamer in the federal federal must have long-lasting foam suppression performance, Also have the characteristics of high temperature, strong acid and strong alkali.