Precautions of using Concrete Expansive Mortar

- Apr 12, 2018-

1. The mixing site or the mixing station must be fed according to the concrete compensation and shrinkage concrete mix ratio. The metering device must be accurate and the expansion agent must not be mixed. Otherwise, the compensation shrinkage requirement cannot be achieved, but it must not be overdosed, otherwise it will The concrete structure has a destructive effect.

2. The mixing time of concrete mixed with expansion agent is 30 seconds longer than that of ordinary concrete, and the temperature of the exit concrete should be lower than 30°C. The free fall of concrete during pouring should be controlled within 2 meters, and the vibration should be uniform and dense. Loss of vibration, not vibrating, but vibration.

3. Before the final setting of the concrete mixed with this product should pay attention to the second wipe to prevent the appearance of surface shrinkage cracks.

4. The curing of the concrete with the expansion agent after pouring is very important. It should be timely watered and maintained according to the temperature conditions so that the exposed surface of the concrete can always be kept in a moist state and the curing period should be no less than 7 days. The negative temperature construction must ensure that the concrete enters the mold. The temperature is greater than 5 °C, immediately after pouring with plastic film and insulation materials for thermal insulation and moisture conservation;

5. After the concrete mixed with this product is poured, the basement should be backfilled with lime soil as soon as possible, and the roof should be used as a waterproof layer and insulation layer as soon as possible.