Solvent degreaser

- Apr 02, 2018-

Degreasing agent is a solvent-based cleaning agent developed specifically for industrial and mining machinery and equipment cleaning. Can quickly and effectively clean the mechanical surface, bearings, pipelines in the oil, oil, rust oil and solidified grease. This product is not easy to spontaneous combustion, there is no natural ignition risk of gasoline, thinners and other items. It is completely volatilized quickly and does not contain any residual stains. It is safe and non-destructive to metals, coating finishes, insulation coatings, and solvent-resistant rubber and plastics. Does not contain carbon tetrachloride, benzene harmful substances. Strong permeability, no need to completely disassemble equipment cleaning.

Product Features:

Colorless, transparent, and some degreasers are milky white


Weight 1:1.2

PH value 6±0.5

Scope of application: For the removal of rust-preventing oil before the installation of industrial and mining machinery and equipment, the maintenance of equipment in production, the washing of waste sulfuric acid in bearings and pipelines, and the cleaning of the surface of the surface with the solidified layer of oil and yellow oil.

How to use: Apply a cloth to the surface of the product and apply it to the surface to clean the oil layer and sludge, and quickly disintegrate and fall off. No need to flush water, naturally volatile. With a spray gun connected to 0.4-0.6mpa of compressed air, inhale the TM-26, spray the sludge, grease dead corner, and after the oil solution is rinsed clean, dry it with compressed air.

Precautions: The presence of open flames should be avoided at the operation site, and adequate ventilation should be maintained during the cleaning. Part of the non-resistant type rubber should not be exposed for a long time. Hand-operated workers wear gloves. This product is highly degreasing and long-term contact with the skin will make the skin rough and astringent.

Packing specification: 20kg/barrel 200kg/barrel Shelf life 1 year