Take precautions when use Cement mortar

- Apr 08, 2018-

When the cement mortar is used, it is also necessary to incorporate some additives such as micro-foaming agents, waterproof powders, etc., to improve its workability and viscosity.

In the cement mortar, the stones are added proportionally to become concrete.

The sign strength of cement mortar refers to a value of the total compressive strength measured by the standard test method for a positive cubic specimen of 7.07CMX7.07CMX7.07CM made and maintained in accordance with standard methods.

No. 100 cement mortar means that its strength is 100Kg/cm2, all of which is changed to MPa, and No. 100 corresponds to M10. The mix ratio differs depending on the raw materials and the mortar usage. Take the commonly used 42.5 ordinary portland cement and medium sand with 100 (M10) masonry mortar as an example: The proportion of cement mortar per cubic meter is 305 kg: Sand 1.10 m3: Water 183kg.