The application and standard of caustic soda in boiler water treatment

- Mar 28, 2018-

The application of protopine in water treatment has the following points:

Protopine is widely used in water treatment. In sewage treatment plants, caustic soda can reduce the hardness of water through neutralization reaction. In the industrial field, it is a regenerant for the regeneration of ion exchange resins.

Flavonoids are strongly alkaline and have relatively high solubility in water. Since the caustic soda is in the liquid state, it is easy to measure the amount and is conveniently used in various fields of water treatment.

Caustic soda is currently used in the following aspects of water treatment: elimination of water hardness; adjustment of water pH; neutralization of wastewater; regeneration of ion exchange resin; elimination of heavy metal ions in water by precipitation

Caustic soda is a white solid. To use caustic soda, first dissolve the caustic soda, add caustic soda to the water, and stir while stirring to prevent local overheating until complete dissolution. If there is a need for a fixed capacity, the water will be a little less, and after it is dissolved, it will be cooled, and the volume will be adjusted with water.

In addition, the caustic soda is sodium hydroxide. The rest of the caustic soda should not be discarded. It must be acid-neutralized and then processed.