The reason why the feeding speed of the screw conveyor is slow

- Oct 19, 2017-

Screw conveyor feeding speed is slow, the screw conveyor is the main part of the material directly affect the entire production line production efficiency, screw conveyor once the material on the slow situation, how can we solve the problem of slow feed that?

According to years of experience in equipment production experience of the spiral hopper on the main reasons for the following:

First, the belt relaxation, the motor belt is a wearing parts, after prolonged use, the belt wear caused by relaxation slippage phenomenon, thus affecting the feeding speed;

Second, the elevator bearing into the powder, the elevator under the bearing easily into the powder, which caused the friction increased bearing to enhance the efficiency of poor;

Third, the hoisting machine leaves into the foreign body, hoist improper feeding is easy to woven bags and other foreign objects into, thus affecting the feeding efficiency;

Fourth, the lifting machine blade wear, a long time to enhance the raw materials, hoisting machine blades will be worn, so the feeding speed is poor.