What is a defoamer and what are the defoamer ingredients?

- Apr 01, 2018-

Defoamer is an auxiliary agent, whose function is to eliminate the foam formed by the material during the production process. The main component of silicone defoamer is the silicone component called silicone oil. Silicone oil is a non-volatile oily liquid at room temperature, in water. , Animal and vegetable oils and mineral oils are insoluble, or have very low solubility. They are both resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures. Chemical properties inert, physical properties stable, no biological activity.

    Silicone defoamer is a white, viscous emulsion. Since the 1960s, it has been used in various industrial fields, but the large-scale and comprehensive rapid development began in 1980. As a silicone defoamer, its application is also very wide, more and more attention by all walks of life. Silicone defoamers in the chemical, paper, coating, food, textile, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors are indispensable additives in the production process. It can not only remove the foam on the liquid surface of the process media during production, thus improving the filtration, Separation, gasification, and drainage of processes such as washing, extraction, distillation, evaporation, dehydration, and drying ensure the storage of various materials and the capacity of the processing vessels.

Silicone defoamer is an emulsion-type silicone defoamer. It is made of dimethyl silicone oil, white carbon black and other emulsifiers. Langfang Bluestar Chemical Co., Ltd. after years of experiments and practical application of the industry, combined with the production of various industries Defoaming needs, the selection of the most suitable additives and the most excellent emulsification process, so that the suppression foam performance of the product is higher than similar products in the same industry, this product has a fast dispersion, fast defoaming, long-term foam suppression, stability, regardless of The characteristics of the layer are ideal for defoamers in aqueous systems.

Defoaming mechanism

     The silicone defoamer has a very low surface tension, has good spreading properties on the foam liquid film, can quickly spread on the foam surface, and disperses the surfactant molecules with a stable effect on the surface of the foam liquid film. The bubble burst. However, it only applies to the defoaming of water-soluble systems.