Chemical Additives

- Jan 24, 2018-

Chemical additives are used as a chemical industry, a wide variety of additives, including metal processing aids, plastic additives, paper additives, building auxiliaries, water treatment aids, paint additives, leather additives , Electronics industry with additives, textile auxiliaries, wood additives and so on.

Category Editor

Metal processing aids can be divided into:

Rust-proof lubricant, metal cleaning agent, drawing fluid, stamping fluid, cutting fluid, plating aids, metal process fluid, etc.

Plastic additives can be divided into:

Plastic brightener, plastic deodorant, foaming agent, anti-fogging agent, antioxidant, mold release agent, anti-bite bite etc.

Paper additives can be divided into:

Pulping aids, papermaking aids, coating aids and paper secondary processing chemicals four categories.

Paint additives can be divided into:

Brightener, dispersant, conductive agent, curing agent, drier, toughener, emulsifier, thickener, defoamer, leveling agent, anti-skinning agent, matting agent, light stabilizer, mildew proofing agent , Antistatic agents, anti-rat bites and so on

Textile auxiliaries can be divided into:

Thickeners, adhesives, cross-linking agents, emulsifiers, dispersants and other printing aids

Wood additives can be divided into:

Wood preservatives, wood waterproofing agents, wood preservatives, wood bleaching agents, wood flame retardants, wood softeners, etc.