Construction Process Of Cement Mortar

- Apr 15, 2018-

1. The basic process of plastering cement mortar. To find the rules →, to the four corners of the wall to do the rules → horizontal leveling, straight vertical hanging → making standard gray cakes, punching → Yin Yang angle search → interior wall plastering → the bottom is lower than the punch → middle pad flattening tendons →Face decoration

2. Cement mortar plaster construction points Before the plaster must be made standard gray cake.

3. Crushing is also an important link to ensure the quality of plastering, and is an important control sign for large-scale plastering.

4. The yin and yang corner finder is also an important process directly related to the quality of the follow-up renovation project.

Strictly speaking, there is a great relationship between the sand particle size used, the moisture content, the actual strength of the cement, and the construction level. Assumption: Grade 32.5 cement (actual strength 37.5), medium sand, sand moisture content 1.5%, construction level: average, preparation strength 8.71 MPa. Mix ratio of M7.5 cement mortar per cubic meter (weight ratio ): Cement: sand = 5.51 Material usage: Cement: 267Kg Medium sand: 1472kg As for water, approximately 40kg, which should be adjusted according to the actual situation on site.