Diagenetic Mortar

- Apr 28, 2018-

1, diagenetic mortar composition

The diagenesis mortar is a dry mortar made up of dozens of inorganic elements. After stirring with water, four consecutive chemical reactions take place, so that the cement particles are decomposed and the metal elements of the mortar are used to make the cement particles fully hydrate. And to achieve the maximum use of mortar performance, that is, at the same time with a waterproof and impervious corrosion-resistant wear-resistant oil, antifreeze, no shrinkage cracks, durability and so on.

2. Characteristics of rock-forming mortar

The diagenetic mortar waterproof and impermeability temperature 200 degrees, wear-resistant, high-strength, impermeability 1.85MPA, adhesive force 1.35MPA, contraction rate 0.08%, good durability.