Dry Powder Mortar Production Line Control System Sensor Application

- Oct 19, 2017-

Dry powder mortar as a new environmentally friendly building materials, with superior product performance has been widely used, compared to the original traditional materials and construction methods, there are too many advantages. Dry powder mortar production line also with the development of the market, continuous improvement and progress, from the original pure mechanical operation, the development of intelligent control through the PLC. In the production of dry powder mortar according to the needs of different uses, from a variety of materials and small materials, according to different proportions and processing technology for production, no matter what process, material measurement and small materials to add the precision measurement is to protect the quality of products technology Key, then the conveying system and mixing mixing system, packaging system and so on. To protect the normal operation of the production line and control product quality, the sensor has played a huge role.