Efficient Degreasing Agent

- May 06, 2018-

This product is a light yellow liquid, using Japan's advanced formula for aluminum and other metal surface treatment special chemical products, acidic, corrosive, can eliminate the surface of the natural oxide film and due to the aluminum gold process Grease and shorten the next process time and make the surface even.

First, characteristics:

         1. Strong detergency, using surfactant and corrosive scientific components, the surface of the profile is bright and clean after treatment.

         2, moderate foam, easy to clean.

         3, not easy to produce excessive corrosion, low consumption.

         4. The process parameters of the bath are wide, so it does not pollute the bath and other baths.

二、Technical parameters; Degreasing agent 30-50g/L

             Temperature: Normal temperature

             Time: 1-3 minutes

Third, the bath fluid maintenance: the production process according to the production volume to add degreasing agent, under normal circumstances the production of a ton of material consumption of 2-3kg. Chemical analysis degreasing agent bath working point, control tank acid point in 15 - Between 25 points.

Fourth, the process: degreasing tank - washing - washing - etching - washing - washing - caustic - washing - washing - in and - washing - washing - oxidation - washing - washing - sealing - washing - drying.