How To Start The Dry Mortar Equipment

- Oct 19, 2017-

First, start the test machine before the first dry powder mortar equipment in all the reducer to refuel (in accordance with the standard), need to refuel the stand-alone include: 1, the pump reducer; 2, ingredients called bucket; Machine; 4, two-axis mixer; 5, finished warehouse reducer; 6, air compressor.

Second, all the motor lines are connected, start the control line connected to the distribution cabinet, and then one by one to test run, adjust the good turn. To be ingredients, said valve port packaging machines are debugging is completed, ready to start production.

Third, the first start bucket machine, air compressor, dust, etc., and then open the ingredients to start fighting the bucket, will be equipped with a good material from the bucket machine into the blank to be mixed.

Four, and then open the two-axis gravity mixer, and finished product tank motor.

5, to be no gravity mixer to open 3 to 5 minutes after the start of the finished product storage power supply, the gravity mixer without the valve to open the material into the finished product warehouse for packaging.

6, the pneumatic valve button in the release, the pneumatic door will be closed, then you can start the bucket machine for the second batch of feeding, followed by the cycle to complete the final required output