New Product: Organic Slicon Type Defoamer (Antifoaming agent) for Industry Water Treatment for Paper-Making& Printing Texile

- Nov 23, 2017-

Product Description

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Color: White

  • Usage: Water Treatment Chemicals, Rubber Auxiliary Agents, Plastic Auxiliary Agents, Coating Auxiliary Agents, Textile Auxiliary Agents, Paper Chemicals, Surfactants, Leather Auxiliary Agents

Product Description
Trade name: FK DEFOAMER
Chemical Type: An emulsion of Dimethyl Polysiloxane (Silicon Type)
IONIC CHARGE: Nonic/Anionic
CAS: 63148-53-8

Physical Specification
1. Apperance: White emulsion (Water base).
2. Water Miscibility: Forms a good dispersion.
3. Fluidity: Viscosity not great than 1000 cPs @20oC DIN 53019 100rpm.
4. Cleanliness: No particles after screening through a 400 micron aperture screen.
5. Emulsion particles size: 90% less than 100 microns.
6. Water content: Not greater than 85%

BWF160 is an foam control agent for use in a wide range of aqueous industrial systems, particularly in textile processing and other surfactant systems.

Normally used as delivered. Where very small quantities are to be added, it can be pre-diluted with soft or distilled water. The level of addition recommended is normally between 10 - 100 ppm and should be optimized by trial.

Store in closed containers. Avoid extremes of low temperature.

6 months minimum

200 litre or 1000 litre plastic drums