Selection Of Type And Strength Grade Of Masonry Mortar

- Apr 24, 2018-

1. Types of masonry mortar

The commonly used masonry mortars include cement mortar, lime mortar, and cement lime mixed mortar.

Cement mortar is suitable for masonry engineering in wet environments and water; lime mortar is only used for masonry projects with low strength requirements and dry environment; mixed mortar not only has good workability, but also can be formulated into masonry mortar with various strength grades. In addition to the higher requirements of the masonry in vitro, can be widely used in a variety of masonry projects.

2, the choice of masonry mortar strength grade

Under normal circumstances, multi-storey building walls use M1-M10 masonry mortar; masonry base, inspection wells, rain wells

Such as masonry, often mining M5 mortar; industrial plants, substations, basements and other masonry selection M2.5-M10 masonry mortar; below the two-story building commonly used M2.5 mortar; simple cottage, temporary buildings can choose lime mortar.