Technical Performance Of Diagenesis Mortar

- Apr 30, 2018-

1, increase the early strength of 3~7 days 20~25%

2, waterproof

3, early strength

4, impermeability

5, can work in hot and cold extreme environment

6, improve resistance to freezing and thawing cycle more than 400 times

7. Shrinkage is reduced by 25%~50% to reduce shrinkage cracks

8, improve wear resistance

9, Even if the water-cement ratio is very low, it still has high workability.

10, easy to pump, and easy to plug the tube

11, the construction surface is smoother

12, improve the tensile strength, bending strength

13, homogeneous material to ensure the hydraulic lock inside the cement

14, no warping basis

15, increase the density

16, 97% of micro cracks

17, can be used in a low temperature environment

18, to prevent steel corrosion

19, no maintenance

20, reduce the concrete water consumption 8~15%

21, without the use of plasticizers, water reducer, expansion agent and other additives, do not need to use fly ash, silica fume, mesh, steel fiber or synthetic fiber

22, shorten the construction time, the structure can be used within 14 days;

23. Reduce or even eliminate weathering

24, reduce the water absorption

25. High resistance to corrosive liquids and gases, including hydrogen sulfide

26, to avoid high alkalinity and high humidity problems

27, no bleeding

28, improve durability

29. This product has no powdering, blistering, cracking or shrinkage.