Technical Performance Of Polycarboxylate Retarder Superplasticizer

- Apr 07, 2018-

1. The dosage range: the total weight of the cement material 1.5-3%, the water reduction rate can reach 15-25%

2. Contains a slight increase in gas, beneficial to the coagulation without adverse effects.

3. Has the role of retarding plastic, slump loss is small, and is conducive to the transport of commercial concrete pouring.

4. Involved in concrete coagulation time delay 1-5h, and according to the actual requirements of users at any time to adjust the condensation time. Does not affect the strength of the growth of concrete age.

5. It is the durability of concrete, easy to work, tensile, impermeability and other indicators, have significantly improved and improved.

6. Widely applicable to the cement, it is the preparation of commercial products, the preferred product.