The ApplicationCaustic Soda

- Mar 29, 2018-

1. For the production of paper and cellulose pulp;

2. For the production of soaps, synthetic detergents, synthetic fatty acids, and the refining of animal and vegetable fats.

3. Textile printing and dyeing industry used as cotton cloth desizing agent, scouring agent and mercerizing agent.

4. The chemical industry is used to produce borax, sodium cyanide, oxalic acid, and phenol.

5. The petroleum industry is used to refine petroleum products and is used in drilling mud in oil fields. It is also used in the production of surface treatment of alumina, metallic zinc and metallic copper as well as glass, enamel, leather, medicine, dyes and pesticides.

6. Food grade products are used as acid neutralizers in the food industry. They can be used as peeling agents for citrus and peaches, as detergents for containers for empty bottles and empty cans, as well as decolorizing agents and deodorants.

7. It can also be used as alkaline desiccant. Caustic soda is widely used in the national economy, and many industrial sectors require caustic soda. The department that uses the most caustic soda is the manufacture of chemicals, followed by the manufacturing of paper, aluminum, tungsten, rayon, rayon and soap. In addition, in the production of dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals and organic intermediates, the regeneration of old rubber, the production of sodium metal, water electrolysis and the production of inorganic salts, the preparation of borax, chromium salts, manganese salts, phosphates, etc., must also be used. A lot of caustic soda.