Use Of Dry Mortar

- Oct 19, 2017-

Mortar mix and mortar hardened body of the technical performance should meet the design requirements. The current national technical standards and the requirements of this Code. The consistency is determined by the demand side according to the construction requirements.

Dry powder mortar approach, should be by type. Strength grade, batch number separate storage, first to first use.

Dry mortar should be stored in the silo or warehouse, so moisture, water, moisture. Silos or warehouses should be a clear type, intensity level and batch number and other signs, is strictly prohibited mixed use.

Since the date of production, the storage of more than 2 months of dry mortar, should be re-check to determine the level. If the effective storage period found that dry-mixed mortar caking, should be removed after caking sampling test, after passing the test can continue to use.

The dry powder mortar should be thoroughly homogenized in the silos before mixing with the dry powder mortar stored in the silo. Mixing dry powder mortar should be used with mechanical mixing, with the use.