What Is The Difference Between Light Soda And Heavy Soda?

- Mar 25, 2018-

There are two main soda ash products: heavy soda ash and light soda ash. There are also ultra-light sodas and super-heavy soda ash. The difference in specifications is mainly due to differences in physical properties such as bulk density, particle size and shape, and rest angles. The general density of light soda is 500-600kg/m3, the density of heavy soda is 1000-1200kg/m3, ultralight soda 370kg/m3, and superheavy soda 1550-2553kg/m3. Of course there are differences in their prices, heavy soda is higher than light soda ash 100 - 200 yuan heavy pure alkaline: white granular anhydrous, soluble in water, exposed to air at room temperature can absorb CO2 and Water, and release heat, gradually turn into NaHCO3 and agglomerate. Molecular Formula: Na2CO3 Production Method: (1) Ammonia Alkali Method (Solvay Method) Raw salt and limestone are used as raw materials to produce light soda ash by chemical synthesis method and heavy soda ash is produced by solid phase water law. (2) Natural Alkali Method The natural alkaloids are used as raw materials to produce heavy soda ash by evaporation or carbonization.