Water Soluble Cutting Fluid

Water Soluble Cutting Fluid

Odour: NO
Appearance:Yellow - amber liquid
Delivery Port: Dalian, China
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Water soluble cutting fluid is a water-soluble cutting oil to ensure that the product has a high degree of lubrication, cooling, anti-rust performance. Fully meet the modern machine tools, machining centers, automated production line high-speed, high-precision, multi-functional, high efficiency, high flexibility of the process requirements.

Advantage of Water soluble cutting fluid

1. Unique lubricity - composite lubrication technology can make the products for the cast iron, steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel processing to provide ultra-fine surface finish, suitable for ferrous metal medium-heavy processing operations.

2. Excellent anti-rust properties - a variety of cast iron pieces of steel rust-proof performance.

3. Suitable for a wide range of water quality adaptability - soft, medium and hard water can be (50-450ppm).

标签2.jpgWater soluble cutting fluid is suitable for black metal and non-ferrous metal material cutting, grinding light processing and medium loading processing.



1.It is 20L plastic drum or 200L metal drum.

2.We can do If you demand make a label on the package.  






1.We had do the export for 6 years & about 20 old clients demand this product.

2.we can supply 500g free sample for your test.

3.Before our product leave factory we will do the inspection to control quality.

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