Dry mortar market promotion efforts

- Oct 19, 2017-

As a new building materials, due to its environmental suitability, the pace of development in China is also very violent. In 2013, the use of dry mix mortar has exceeded 40 million tons. According to an authoritative website statistics, dry mortar in the future there are two hundred million of the scale of production. And now the scale of production can only meet the market share of 6%.

Whether it is from the green concept of advocacy, or customer interests, dry mortar is replaced by the scene of the development trend of mixing mortar market trend.

Dry mortar has such a big marketing efforts, with its environmental characteristics are inseparable. As the mortar is a factory ready-mixed material, just in the field can be stirred with water, do not worry about the scene mixed with mortar dust too much phenomenon. In addition, the quality and ease of operation, but also the charm of dry mortar. Based on such an environmentally friendly, high quality, reliable performance of the construction of raw materials, in full compliance with the development of China's bulk cement needs. This is also a key factor in the achievement of the mortar market.