Preparation Method of Inorganic Thermal Insulation Mortar for Glassy Microspheres

- Oct 19, 2017-

1. The insulation mortar powder and glass beads and water by 1: 1: 1 or so ratio;

2. The use of inorganic insulation mortar mixer. First put a certain amount of water and then inorganic glass beads insulation mortar two components were slowly poured into the container to stir to no lumps and dry powder, and then put it aside for about 10 minutes;

3. Mix the inorganic insulation mortar again into a viscous slurry.

Note: vitrified microspheres inorganic insulation mortar mixing is best spent in 2 hours, is strictly prohibited has been solidified mortar and then put into use the second. In the preparation of insulation mortar, you should set up a full-time staff to stir to ensure that the mixing time and the amount of water is accurate. The quality of the mixing at the construction site can be judged by its operability, slippage resistance, slurry state and other methods.