Caustic Soda Price Weak Dimensional Stable Operation

- Jan 18, 2018-

According to the business community monitoring data showed that this week, caustic soda price weak dimensional stability, the beginning of the week to the weekend domestic market average price of 1133 yuan/ton, prices rose 44.08% per cent last year. December 14--a 163.02 per cent of the market for caustic soda, which was flat yesterday, fell 21.2% from the 206.87 Point (2017-11-14) of the cycle, up 122.49% from its lowest point of March 29, 2015. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to present)

Second, the market analysis

Products: This week, the overall market for caustic soda is weak dimensional stability. Jiangsu Area Liquid alkali market stability operation, the present 32% ionic membrane liquid alkali factory in northern Jiangsu province Price in 1140-1200 yuan/ton shipments, the southern Jiangsu 32% Ionic membrane Liquid alkali factory price adjustment to 1180-1250 yuan/ton shipments, downstream demand is poor, demand side low price phenomenon obvious, It is expected that the price of caustic soda in the region is more cautious and stable operation. The liquid alkali market in Shandong is running steadily, 32% ionic membrane liquid alkali spot factory price stable at 980-1150 yuan/ton, 50% ionic membrane liquid alkali spot factory price stable at 1760-1770 yuan/ton, acceptance factory price plus 40 yuan/ton; 48% ionic membrane liquid alkali spot factory price in 1660 yuan/ton, Acceptance of the factory price plus 30-40 yuan/ton. It is expected that the price of caustic soda in Shandong area is stable. Fujian Region Liquid Alkali center of gravity downward shift, 32% ionic membrane caustic Soda province sends to the price mainstream in 1550-1600 yuan/ton, the enterprise quotation downward, the decline 15-30 yuan/ton, the downstream receives the general market price, anticipates the later stage of Fujian area caustic soda prices multidimensional stable operation mainly.

Industrial chain: Liquid chlorine shipments pressure is not reduced, overcapacity still exists, is expected in the next one months in Shandong Province, the situation of liquid chlorine will continue to exist; in the downstream of caustic soda, the spot price of alumina continued to fall, the liquid alkali enterprises raised some concerns; In addition viscose fiber industry to receive goods in general; Demand is shrinking badly.

Industry: According to the business community price monitoring, in the 49th Week of 2017 (12.4-12.8) chlor-alkali industry price rise in a total of 1 products, a total of 3 products fell, up to 0 of the merchandise a total of 1. The main commodities that have risen are: PVC (2.19%); The main products falling are: Light soda ash (-3.12%), Caustic soda (-2.25%), calcium carbide (-0.56%). This week the price was 0.75%.

Third, future forecast

Business Analyst thinks: Comprehensive look, liquid chlorine market performance is depressed, caustic soda also lost important downstream support, alumina, papermaking, printing and dyeing industry demand for its earlier low, and into the traditional off-season. However, the continuous decline in the price of caustic soda with the increasingly stable alumina prices tend to stabilize, prices stop falling, the expected late caustic soda prices multidimensional stable operation.