Rust Remover

- Jan 17, 2018-

Black metal (steel) placed in outdoor or open conditions, easy to rust, not only affect the appearance of quality, but also affect the normal painting, bonding and other processes, if not handled, will result in scrapped materials, resulting in unnecessary Economic losses.

Traditional chemical descaling usually uses strong acid which can react chemically with rust and metal oxides to form soluble salts to achieve the purpose of descaling. In addition to the rust, the acid reacts with the base metal to release hydrogen and hydrogen Can exert pressure on the rust and the insoluble scale, which is favorable for their exfoliation and reduction of high-valent iron and accelerates the pickling process. However, the traditional acid treatment method has obvious defects that a large amount of hydrogen Resulting in hydrogen embrittlement will cause the steel, causing the mechanical properties of the metal decreased, affecting the strength of the steel itself; easy to form acid mist, affecting the health and corrosion of the surrounding equipment and the environment; acid consumption is larger, Increase processing costs; these acids can cause corrosion of the steel. In addition, the residue generated in large quantities should be regularly discharged, which not only seriously corrodes industrial pipes but also pollutes the soil and the environment.

It can be widely used in many industries such as manufacturing, construction, repair, transportation, energy, electric power, oil and mining and other industries, suitable for machinery and equipment, vehicles, ships, ordnance, hardware tools, building templates, metal parts, etc. Steel rust. Its superior performance will bring you unexpected convenience and benefits.