How To Choose The Right Metal Cleaning Agent

- Jan 15, 2018-

There is a huge market demand in China's automobile industry. In the process of automobile manufacturing and auto parts production, there are many parts cleaning technology with the development of technology and environmental protection requirements, but also put forward higher requirements on cleaning equipment and cleaning agents. How to adapt and meet the requirements of the production process in the recommended cleaning agent to become a key link.

Automotive parts metal cleaning what are the general requirements?

(1) cleaning speed, washing process set in the cleaning time, can completely remove the metal surface dirt

(2) Non-corrosive to washing machine and cleaned parts

(3) low cost detergent, environmental protection, mild odor

(4) In the process of cleaning, no residue is left on the surface of the object to be cleaned, no new dirt is generated, no new coating layer harmful to the subsequent process is formed, and the quality of the product is not affected.

In accordance with the cleaning requirements recommended cleaning agent to meet the process requirements to achieve satisfactory cleaning effect, must be in the cleaning equipment and cleaning methods, cleaning parts and materials, parts of the surface dirt type and the next process, water quality, workshop environment to be fully considered.

Commonly used metal cleaning equipment includes: 1, immersion cleaning 2, spray cleaning 3, high pressure spray cleaning, 4, ultrasonic cleaning

Components for the general cleaning of immersion cleaning for the multi-chamber body, requiring cleaning agent has a strong cleaning ability for cleaning agent defoaming performance is not high, but requires cleaning agent has a certain ability to emulsify the oil, so to protect the zero Components are contaminated with contaminated oil that will not contaminate parts surfaces after cleaning and removal of cleaning agents. Disadvantages of the ability to emulsify the oil complex cleaning agent is the cleaning agent cleaning ability gradually reduced, resulting in a shorter cleaning agent life.

Most of the components of automotive transmission parts through the spray-type washing machine, generally divided into cleaning - rinsing - drying three processes, each according to process requirements and changes, cleaning - cleaning - rinsing - drying or cleaning - rinsing - rinsing - Drying, spray washing machine with skimmer, the use of anti-oil cleaning agent can improve the cleaning agent life. Cleaning gearbox parts material is generally forged steel, parts of the surface dirt and more for the low viscosity cutting oil, cleaning agent selection when considering the ability to clean at the same time to consider the defoaming ability of cleaning agents, under normal circumstances, with the cleaning Agent temperature increases, its detergency will also increase, but more than a certain temperature, decontamination ability but declined, the recommended cleaning agent to consider when a most suitable temperature range. On the other hand, as rinse cleaning agent concentration is generally lower, in the range of 0.5% -1.5%, requiring cleaning agent has good anti-rust ability.

High-pressure spray cleaning machine used to remove parts of the surface dirt at the same time remove the metal surface burrs, the use of more parts positioning, fixed-point spray, requires cleaning agent under high pressure has a good resistance to foam.

In some specific process conditions, the recommended cleaning agent must consider the impact of the back of the process, such as transmission shaft, tooth production of a process: grinding teeth - spray cleaning (intermediate cleaning) - Shot Blast - spray cleaning Wash), which spray the middle of the cleaning process to consider the next shot peening process, cleaning parts cleaning components, parts surface can not sticky cleaning agent residue or cover film, otherwise it will affect the shot peening process, bringing quality defects . In this customer's choice of cleaning agents, Quaker, with many years of professional experience and improve the service system, after several brands of cleaning agents, the intermediate spray cleaner QUAKERCLEAN ® 520 CNI to meet the technical requirements, Ensure the quality of the product.

If conditions permit, it is advisable to formulate detergents with deionized water for many benefits. In the shaft, tooth processing a large number of heat treatment process, deionized water to ensure the quality of mass production and reduce the rate of waste heat treatment process. Because the workpiece before entering the heat treatment equipment, the workpiece needs to be cleaned, the purpose of cleaning in addition to removing metal particles on the surface of impurities, but also to minimize salt residue to improve the quality of heat treatment. Therefore, the use of deionized water dosing, this can greatly reduce the water brought about by the various types of ions remaining in the heat treatment surface heat treatment have a bad influence. Deionized water on the cleaning equipment is also very useful, washing machine due to the higher cleaning temperature is generally 50-60 degrees, the water evaporates faster. In the long-term use of the process found that the use of tap water washing machine inside the wall there will be significant scaling problems, the use of electric heating of the washing machine, the heating rod will also be a long time due to the accumulation of scale heating rods burned. Washing machines with filter bag filters often clog filter bags due to evaporation crystallization of inorganic salts in the water, resulting in frequent replacement of filter bags. In addition, deionized water in the cleaning of parts rust is also beneficial, of course, rust problems involving many factors: cleaning agent rust, storage location humidity, ambient temperature, workpiece surface cleanliness, packaging and so on. Purely from the water point of view, deionized water due to its low conductivity, water chloride ion, sulfate ion content is much lower than tap water, so it is good for rust prevention work.

We all know that cleaning agent is mainly used to remove the coolant on the surface of the workpiece, cutting oil, grinding dust, metal particles, etc., and provide short-term rust-proof effect. General cleaning agent rust resistance in the humidity, high temperature workshop conditions, not enough to ensure rust between processes, especially in the summer workshop humidity, high temperature conditions.

With the advancement of technology and the request of environmental protection, the new type, high efficiency, professional and environment-friendly detergent will be the trend of future development. In the metal processing industry, according to the characteristics of metal materials, cleaning agents are no longer a simple decontamination, such as cleaning agents require effective decontamination at the same time, can play a rust-proof metal film, and enhance the resistance of the product Corrosion, etc., which add to the cleaning agent additives put forward higher requirements.

A well-known compressor manufacturer in the process of cleaning parts appear soon after the rust problem,

The customer replaced the QUAKERCLEAN® 830 BF with its ultra-low foam and high antirust properties to meet customer rust-proof requirements after trial use with Quaker's management and maintenance program. In addition, this product has been recognized and praised by many enterprises in the application process.

But we always have to know that there is no perfect metal cleaning agent in the world. When we choose the cleaning agent, we must fully consider the influence of each related aspect. Quaker Chemical, as your partner, can help you select the suitable product and optimize you Management and maintenance program.