Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment Is How To Automate The Production

- Oct 19, 2017-

The aggregate is unloaded from the batching silo unloading door into the aggregate weighing bucket, and the metering system automatically weighs all kinds of materials required for single stirring according to the value set on the control computer. After the completion of the measurement to the operation of the unloading of the belt, by the belt conveyor to the upper part of the mixer waiting for the silo, waiting for the next step action. In the aggregate measurement and transportation at the same time, cement powder from the screw conveyor to the measurement bucket for measurement. Water is pumped by the water pump to the weighing bucket, the admixture also has a special pumping device.

All materials are measured by the operation of the control system to run automatically, until all the material metering, issued by the control system instructions, in accordance with the established order to the mixer to feed, and then the host began to mix the material mixing to achieve the set of mixing After the time, the material is stirred evenly to form concrete. Then open the mixer unloading door and unload the concrete into the concrete carrier waiting for the pick-up. Then you can start the next working cycle.