Concrete Mixing Station Equipment Aggregate Weighing System How To Work

- Oct 19, 2017-

Mixing concrete is actually very simple, in the absence of mechanical equipment, manpower can also mix the concrete, you only need to master the ratio of various materials can be. With the development and progress of the times, modern construction of the huge demand for concrete, and produced a variety of different users with special performance of concrete needs. This requires the use of efficient, professional, automated concrete mixing plant equipment.

During the operation of the concrete mixing plant, the measurement of various materials is carried out automatically. The metering system measures the amount required for the current mixing according to the procedure set by the control computer, and then enters the main unit through the conveying system for stirring. The aggregate weighing system of the concrete mixing plant is completed by means of the weight accumulating method by means of weighing scales and weighing hoppers. Through the high-precision sensor to obtain the weighing information, and then transmitted to the control host, to be set to achieve the measured value, the quality of the control system to stop measurement, the measurement of the aggregate to the host.