High-efficiency Water Reducer FDN

- Jan 27, 2018-

Performance and use:

1. The amount of cement weight is 0.5-1.2%, the water reducing rate can reach 12-25%.

2. Under the same water cement ratio, the initial slump of concrete can be increased by more than 10cm by adding FDN.

3. In the appropriate dosage, can make mortar and concrete day, three days strength increase 40-80%, 28 days strength increase 20-60%, long-term strength also has corresponding enhancement.

4. Concrete strength and slump are basically the same, can be compared to the concrete without superplasticizer to reduce the amount of cement 10-25%.

5. Adding FDN can greatly improve the workability of concrete, improve and improve the mechanical properties of the concrete members, so as to increase the compressive, tensile, flexural strength, elastic modulus and long-term strength of the members.

6. The application of FDN to concrete engineering is very wide, especially suitable for use in the following concrete projects: flow-State concrete, plastic concrete, steamed concrete, impermeability concrete, waterproof concrete, natural curing precast concrete, steel bar and prestressed concrete, high-strength concrete and ultra-high strength concrete, But there are differences in the adaptability of different cement.

Four, Packaging: 25kg woven bag, lined with plastic bags.

Five, this product is not flammable, not easy to explode. Non-toxic,