High Temperature Corrosion Inhibitor

- Jan 26, 2018-

This product is my company scientific research personnel and scientific research institutions of technical cooperation, integrated domestic and foreign production of the agent process of the third generation of corrosion inhibitor products. More suitable for China's high sulfur-containing crude oil characteristics of the latest generation of efficient corrosion inhibitor. The main role is in refinery atmospheric and vacuum, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, delayed coking, such as naphtha, NH3, HCL corrosion site anti-corrosion. Avoid the first generation of medium and second generation of organic amines, the deficiency of imidazoline and organophosphorus corrosion inhibitor, the use of this agent can form a dense hydrophobic protective layer on the metal surface, which hinders the corrosion of corrosion products on pipelines, and has the dual effect of medium and anticorrosion. The product has the advantages of high corrosion rate, wide coverage, small amount of use and good compatibility of medium.