Dry Powder Adhesion Agent

Dry Powder Adhesion Agent

Application: Concrete
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Product Details

Specification of dry powder adhesion agent


Test method



Actual Measurement

Shear strength

Normal temperature for 14 days




Tensile Strength

Normal temperature for 14 days




Water resistance

Normal temperature maintenance 14 days, water 7 days




Temperature Resistance

Room temperature curing for 14 days, 100 ℃, 168 hours




Frost resistance

Room temperature 15 hours cycle 7 hours




linear contraction





Usage of dry powder adhesion agent

1, Grass-roots treatment

① If the surface of the concrete oil (refers to the heavier oil) dust must be cleaned.

② summer construction or wall is dry, must be wet before construction.

2, the interface agent mixture

① smear with the interface agent mixture;

According to the area: water = 4: 1 (weight ratio) ratio of mixing to the cream-like, static 15 minutes is to make the material fully soluble, the interface agent will become thicker, this time in a little water, use.

② blistering and brush with the interface agent mixture;

According to the interface agent: water = 3: 1 (mass ratio) ratio of mixing and mixing, static for 15 minutes, stir again, you can use.

3, construction

① smear: the mixture will be even after the interface with mud board smear on the grass, and then pressed the grass board to pull out the grass, can be formed concave and convex, the thickness of about 2mm or so, to be 10-30 minutes (depending on the temperature And different), the cement mortar plastering construction.

Spray: spray gun with a mortar spray gun, the nozzle diameter of 6mm, air pressure 7-8kg / cm spray gun, spray from the wall of the range of 0.5m, sprayed into 1-4mm convex and concave surface.

③ with a brush broom dipped in the interface agent, painted on the concrete surface 1-3mm to form convex and concave surface can be. (Slightly with the spray construction)

④ roof brushing interface agent, the initial coating to be dry, hardened (about 24 hours), before entering the plaster and other operations under the road.

⑤ dosage 1-2kg / m


Dry powder adhesion agent deals with the appearance of smooth concrete after stripping, the combination of old and new concrete, aerated concrete, lime sand bricks, and fly ash bricks. To solve these problems due to the surface of the water absorption characteristics or smooth, so that the interface is not easy to cause the plaster layer caused by hollowing, cracking, peeling and other issues.



1. Dry powder adhesion agent is powder, each bag weighs 50kg;

2. The water agent of this product is 50kg of liquid;

3. Non-flammable, non-dangerous goods, safe transport, avoiding rain and crashing, damaging the packaging;

4. Dry powder adhesion agent is stored in a dry and cool storage, and it is strictly forbidden to contact with water for six months.






1.We had do the export for 6 years & about 20 old clients demand this product.

2.We can supply 500g free sample for your test.

3.Before our Concrete reinforced  grout  leave factory we will do the inspection to control quality.

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