Soda Ash Dense Granular

Soda Ash Dense Granular

Grade:Industrial Grade
Appearance:White Granular
Delivery Port: Dalian, China
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, PayPal, Western Union

Product Details

Soda ash dense granular is a water-soluble white granular that is alkaline (which makes the phenolphthalein solution lighter). High temperature can be decomposed, heated without decomposition.


Soda Ash Dense

Soda Ash Light



Total    alkali(quality fraction of Na2CO3 dry basis)

99.2% min

99.2% min

NaCI    (quality fraction of NaCI dry basis)

0.70% max

0.70% max

Fe quality fraction (dry basis)

0.0035% max

0.0035% max

Sulfate(quality fraction of SO4 dry basis)

0.03% max

0.03% max

Water-fast substance in quality fraction

0.03% max

0.03% max

Accumulation density(g/ml)

0.90% min

Particle size, 180 µ m sieving residue

70.0% min


Soda ash dense granular, true specific gravity 2.533(20ºC), bulk density 0.95 easily soluble in water, most solubility at 35.4ºC, the aqueous solution appears strong alkaliny. on exposure to air it will easily absorb moisture, carbon dioxide, and gradually to form sodium hydrogen carbonate and to form a cake.


Soda ash dense granular is mainly used in food industry,chemical industry, glass-manufacturing, metallurgy, paper-manufacturing, textile, dyeing, synthetic detergent, soap, daily-use Chemical-industry, daily-use glass industry, washing crystal, petrol chemical industry etc


1.It is 25kg / PP +PE bag for Soda ash dense granular.

2.When can do If you demand make a label on the package






1.Are you factory?

We have our own stock factory.

2.Can you make packing and logo as customer request?

Yes we can , if you have special needs ,please contact us

3.What is your payment term?

30% T/T after confirm the contract/PI, balance before shipment or against copy of Bill of Loading :L/C.

4.What's your packing?

Normally,standard export packing,also we can do packing as your require

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